Willem Lingeman
L i f e
U n i t e d
f o r
that love and faithfulness may not leave you


United for Life Lectures



In the 'United for Life lectures' different subjects relating to marriage as established by God are discussed from a biblical perspective.


Production and presentation: Willem & Helen Lingeman

Subtitles: Elles Hoevenagel

Technical realization: Willem Lingeman and Bastiaan Schreuders

Recording studio: Studio 28

Music composed and performed by Edward Pattiapon



Part   1:   What is a marriage and for how long should it last?

Part   2:   Marriage, a covenant

Part   3:   The Jewish marriage

Part   4:   The difference between fornication and adultery

Part   5:   The exception rule or exception clause, part 1

Part   6:   The exception rule or exception clause, part 2

Part   7:   What does the Bible teach about divorce?

Part   8:   What does the Bible teach about remarriage after divorce?

Part   9:   Restoration and healing after divorce

Part 10:   Beautiful things can be done with stolen goods

Part 11:   Living in sin and falling into sin

Part 12:   Adultery a severe sin


Questions from readers, listeners and viewers:


Part 13:   Should we obey the government?

Part 14:   'It is better to marry than to burn with lust?'

Part 15:   There is forgiveness after confessing adultery

Part 16:   Can I, as a believer, remarry after my divorce from an unbeliever?

Part 17:   Our marriage should never have happened

Part 18:   May I take back my wife? Is she not now defiled?

Part 19:   Is living together the same as being married?

Part 20:   Is the innocently divorced person punished with celibacy?

Part 21:   Is the bond of marriage valid if God wasn’t there when it was entered into?

Part 22:   The exception rule throughout the centuries

Part 23:   Is the unbelieving husband sanctified by the believing wife?

Part 24:   Was Solomon allowed to have a thousand wives?

Part 25:   Are Christians allowed to Judge?

Part 26:   The position and role of fathers in the family

Part 27:   The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God

Part 28:   False teachers in the Church

Part 29:   Know your Bible / It is written

Part 30:   Has God forbidden divorce?

Part 31:   Christian in the Church